These are about immediacy. They are responses to the days events, politics, disassociation and ambiguity. 

I have begun exploring ideas surrounding futility and fragility, loss of place and how we rely upon structures to establish security and a sense of safety.

Video and photography give context to that which remains to be explored. 

Graph paper suggests the rigidity of architecture and the establishment of order.

These drawings are an ongoing series that distort the platitudes repeated in times of trauma and grief as common as they are in the American experience.

"DING-DONG-DITCHED"  was a site specific installation centered around the doorbell and its function as a mechanism of human interaction, of application and requesting permission, of acceptance or denial, judgment, and appraisal. The object is the mechanism and its chime. The subject is the viewer. 

“...DITCHED” was a one night event hosted by a now defunct gallery and start up in rural Texas. The subject navigated the space surrounded by monuments to the doorbell and its lost function. The subjects path is lit by surveillance lamps affixed to a 12ft. obelisk that stands free in the center of the space. In darkness the light of the doorbells was the guide through the space. Upon moving, the surveillance lamps put those wanderers in the spotlight. 

Few pictures were taken as that compliments the specificity and experiential element fo the installation.

Juan Garcia is a name that carries with it an indication of ethnicity. The name leads strangers to make conclusions about Juan Garcia's being and personhood. Juan Garcia is nothing like John Smith. Juan Garcia has never met John Smith. Juan Garcia is not convinced that John Smith even exists beyond the comparison of the commonality of the names.